Women’s Attitudes to Dating

Dating for some might be a usual thing or regular affair, for some it might be a new experience and for some it might be a favourite pass time. But this information is for women who are serious about dating and who are looking to transit their respective date into a meaningful relationship.

Dating involves a bit of research or you need to be aware of the basic information about the guy you will be meeting, after all he will be a stranger or just an acquaintance. Obviously your mind will be full of apprehensions, mental blocks and of course anxiety. But with the right attitude you can find your dream date with ease.

Be realistic
Do not have any great expectations from your date, be it in terms of looks, qualifications, job or his financial status. You need to understand that not every girl will get a Tom Cruise or Mr. Right for that matter.

And do not have any yardstick or parameters for the guy to fit in. You must remember that every human being has the right balance of good or bad and every body is special and unique in their own right. Accept the guy the way he is; just the way you are what you are for whatever reasons the guy is no different. So do not expect a knight in that shining armor on a white horse with roses in his hands ready to sway you. Sorry to say that, but that happens only in movies, fairy tales or max in your dreams but reality dating is a different ball game altogether- the more realistic you are the better it will be.

This does not mean you will select any Tom, Dick or Harry, with experience you will know what to look forward in each date and of course there is nothing wrong in having basic expectations such as good job, well mannered or average looking etc but that should not be the criteria for you to take a decision about the guy.

Enjoy your date
It is understandable that meeting a stranger can be such a burden on your mind but with experience it becomes easier.

Every time you date there is this feeling- ‘this is will be the one’ but it is not necessary it happens the way you have planned or what you might see/ know so go with an open mind, free of negative thoughts and consider this, may be you might not prefer the guy to be the special one but he might have other appealing qualities that you always search in a pal but seldom find it.

If the guy does not click as a special person then keep him as a friend and who knows that some day you may develop inclination towards this nice guy.

So keep your options open because every date is a special experience in its own way; some can be irritating, some really good and some boring too but all that will count as your experience package- preserve the good moments. Happy dating!