Review is an unconventional online dating site that does just what the name implies. There are two requirements you need to be aware of before we even begin. If you’re female, you must be young and highly attractive if you hope to ever survive past the competition and attract one of the male members. If you’re a guy, your requirements are slightly higher: You must make at least $100k per year. Any less than that, and just forget about it right now.

Another thing is very different on this site. Most sites usually have a good bit more male members than female, meaning women get overrun, and guys have to fight just to communicate with a girl. On SugarDaddie it is quite the opposite. Let’s just put it this way: There are far less men making over $100k per year that are looking for a girl to spoil than there are young, hot women wanting a rich guy to date and buy them things. As a guy, you’ll have girls throwing themselves at you, and will have a great selection to choose from. As a girl, you ultimately win in the end – you wind up with a rich, successful guy who wants to spoil, wine and dine you. Too good to be true? A scam??

Without signing up you can go right on their website and do a basic search. You’ll see screen names, profile pictures, and even single lines of profile information without even registering. But by registering you are able to access restricted “free member” features. To really get into meeting people, messaging, etc. you will have to purchase a paid subscription.

For a site that caters to the rich and wealthy, the prices are really affordable. Maybe they understand that many who are affluent didn’t get there by spending it all! Who knows, but memberships are only $19 per month, and you can purchase an entire year for less than $10 per month ($99 for a year). So even if you’re the hot girl and not the rich guy, you can still afford to get on there and meet some sugar daddies.

For every one man, there are approximately three women. So either way, do the math and if you’re a guy you have a lot to choose and the numbers are on your side.

Quality control is a large part of Every profile is individually reviewed and approved before it shows up on their site. This eliminates or at least cuts down on scammers and cheats. Remember, the rich want only the best!

Overall, if you’re qualified to post on this site, it can be the beginning of something very beautiful! It’s best to start off with a free trial profile to see if you like what you see before signing up for a full plan, but otherwise, head over there and try it out!