Review is an online dating service website specifically tailored for people looking to get married. Unlike others sites who might entertain more casual daters who are looking for a summer fling, or even a one night stand, this one is for singles who are more serious in their quest for a lifelong partner. Their matches have resulted in countless marriages and remains one of the largest dating services around.

Now, you don’t specifically have to be wanting to get married right away, by any means – it just caters to a more serious audience. Let me make that clear. But you should probably be willing to enter into a long-term relationship before considering this website, even if that just means being a serious, dedicated boyfriend or girlfriend. If you’re not going to be serious, or you just want someone to “hook up” with, you might want to choose another site.

While most dating websites are relatively new, Matchmaker has been around for over 20 years – which is an astonishingly long time! When Matchmaker first started the internet as we know it didn’t even exist – it was first born as a command-line bulletin board system, where users could dial in, log on, and submit information for a “computer match”. Ah, days.

In the modern day, however, things are much more high-tech, but the site remains still very easy to use. You can search based upon interests you have in common, plus more personal requirements – such as what age you would be comfortable with, location within a city of zip code, and, of course, gender. The search results will contain profile information, details about the person(s) you’ve been matched with, and ways to contact them. As a free trail user, you can do all of this, except for the contact – you have to purchase a subscription to send messages.

Paid subscribers also get priority in the search results (they are “featured” as the top listings), which is beneficial in two ways. First, if you are searching for someone, members with paid accounts show up first – which are usually the members that are the most “serious” about finding a mate (they did pay money to be here, after all). On the other side, once you’ve purchased a membership, you will get a lot more attention – because your profile will now be featured first in search results!

Subscriptions start at under $10 a month, when you purchase one year in advance. Otherwise, expect to pay up to $30 per month, depending upon how many months you purchase at once – they always offer “bulk discounts” specials and offers when purchasing for longer periods of time.

For someone looking for a serious relationship, this matchmaking service is a great idea. When meeting people at the bars or the clubs, you will be lucky to find someone else who is truly looking for a serious partner – they are probably just looking to have fun. The web does at times offer better alternative, and this is it.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to find your soul-mate, you’ve got to get out there and do it – they’re not just going to fall into your arms! is the first place to start.