Texting and E-mailing Affects on Relationships

Relationships seem to become more and more complicated with all the new high-tech options available. It seems that communication with the person you are in a relationship with is less face to face and more technology as the years of texting and emailing continue to take over.

It seems that with the advancements of technology less and less people are actually interacting with each other face to face and are more likely to have longer conversations over text messaging and email messaging. This could be affecting many relationships causing them to be less likely to be successful as neither party are actually talking and having lack of communication.

This is not stating that text messaging and email messaging is a bad thing, but when you make it your main source of communication you’ll slowly discover that when you are with this person physically that there is not much to talk about. Technology has really been taking its toll on the world and it’s not affecting how people interact within their relationships.

When you feel the need to email or text message your partner all throughout the day and then see them in the evenings you may quickly notice that since you’ve told them everything that’s already happened throughout your day there is little to talk about in the evening.

Another thing that happens on regular occasions is the flack out dump of a person with the use of text messaging and emailing. People seem to use either of these to end things with a person instead of doing it verbally which seems to be a coward move for whoever is using this method of break up.

There are many affects that happen to a relationship due to texting and emailing and it seems to be almost impossible to avoid as the years continue. With the advancements of computers and mobile phones it seems that everyone is using them and everyone is always texting or emailing. Verbal communication seems to become more minimal then before and personal conversations are becoming more likely done with a text message or email.

Don’t find your relationship being centered around text messaging and email. It is nice to leave your partner a lovely little text message or email occasionally, but if you get in the habit of using it as your main source of communication you will never get to know each other on the personal level you should without the use of texting or emailing.