Review is one of the largest internet-based online dating services. Their community is in the millions strong, and they offer selection based on several categories: Those looking for a long-term relationship, those just looking for a little romance (a fling; nothing too serious), and then a category just for those looking for “an intimate encounter”, nothing more, nothing less.

Like most dating sites, Lavalife offers you the ability to post one or two profile pictures for everyone to see. Accounts with public pictures have been shown to garnish a lot more attention than those without pictures. Face it, even if we say otherwise – looks DO matter. In addition to a profile picture, you can have up to eight private pictures, which they call “Backstage Pics”, where you can post whatever you want. People can only view these pictures if you invite them to, so they are entirely private from public searcher. Some people prefer to restrict their profile picture to a simple mug shot, then post their personal pictures involving family or work in the backstage area.

One interesting feature the site offers is “Lavalife Voice”. This innovative telephone system allows you to call and talk to other singles over the phone. You get to know someone much better using this system than through regular emails or messaging. Of course, some people are phone shy, and would rather use text-based communication, so this is just an added perk – not the basis for their entire matchmaking system mind you. If this sounds like your kind of thing though, it can be a lot of fun, and it lets you click with other members much faster than through the internet.

Without a paid subscription (using a free trial account, in other words), you’re not allowed to contact members via messages, but you can send “smilies” to other members. These smilies are the equivalent of e-flirting with them to get their attention. You can’t type your own message, but you can select several pre-written “compliments” to go with your smiley face. Then, they can message you back (if they are a paid member), and you can respond to messages for free (you just can’t send them the first time). Basically, if you only communicate with paid members, you can get by on a free account without spending a cent. Of course, you won’t be able to talk to other free members in that case. does have a couple annoying features. First, when you’re trying to browse, you will sometimes have several people trying to instant message you at once. The problem is, these IM windows pop up over what you’re doing, and there’s no way to disable them or make it all go away for a bit, forcing you to write back or close each one as they appear. Also, the banner advertisements can get a little annoying.

Other than those minor details, LavaLife is a great pick for anyone that is looking for a partner!

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