When to Call After That First Date

So you set up a date, you two go out, you have a good time, and the night comes to a close. You enjoyed the company of your partner, had a lot of fun, and would like to do it again – but when should you call?

There is a gap that is the perfect time to call. You see, if you call too early, you seem desperate and like an eager little high school student. On the flip side, if you call too late, you’ll seem like a jerk who isn’t at all interested. As you can see, for something so vitally important to a potential relationship, there are very few methods for determining when to call.

Usually, the proper time gap is somewhere between 48 hours and 6 days or so. It may be sooner or later depending on the girl and how much she likes you. At least with the invention of cell phones, girls are no longer “waiting by the phone” for your call – not literally, at least. Though it can be hard to figure out when to call after that first date, there are some clues you can take to get a better idea.

First off, how much of a good time did both of you have? If you both (not just you) had an absolutely fun time, laughing the whole way, and you were getting positive vibes the entire time, it might not be so bad if you called her in a day or two. On the other hand, if it was just kind of a casual get-to-know-you date that had more of a formal feel, you’ll probably want to wait a while to avoid scaring her off. A week is usually too much, but 5 or 6 days is the prime area to be thinking of.

Also important to be thinking about, is how much YOU enjoyed the date, and if you’re wanting to go out again. Remember, the time frame in which you call your date directly reflects the appearance of how much you like her, and she is going to use your phone call as a means of deciding if you want to see her again or not. You’ll probably get a more positive answer to a second date if you call a little quicker.

Basically, if you think she’s waiting by the phone for you to call, you should probably just go ahead and give her a call – unless you’re really just not interested. If you think she’s won’t really be all that excited for you to call, maybe wait a few days just to be on the safe side.

People are always trying to come up with specific time measurements for when you should call your date, but it really isn’t a science, it’s an art. You’ve got to read your date, read the situation, and make your own decision about when to pick up the phone and dial that number!