What to do When Someone is Flirting With My Girl?

If you are an overprotective or possessive boyfriend even if a guy gives a dirty stare or whistles at your girl you may fume. But it is a common thing for girls and if she is drop dead gorgeous it is but natural that guys will do strange things to catch her attention and sometimes even try to girl-snatch, which begins with flirting. Though it is not necessary that your girl friend will dump you for some flirt but it is you who will feel insecure or simply protective about your girl. If you’re the protective type then it is really nice that you care about your girlfriend and she in turn feel secure in the your relation. But then you should not suspect all guys talking to you are flirting with your girl that will be pure insanity.

Ignorance is bliss
Many a times you feel like boxing the guy who is crossing his limits with your girl but how good an idea will that be? But definitely do not resort to any kind of violent to prove your macho powers to the girl or otherwise because it might put you into uncalled trouble.

The matter will be pretty serious if your girl is finding this flirt to be an utter nuisance or if he is simply not leaving her alone. It is always better if your girlfriend deals with the flirt rather than you interfering in such situations, as it will become a guy thing once you involve in the matter and it may unnecessarily go too far.

And you don’t have to feel that your girl might feel you’re a meek guy or some crap of that sort; you explain to her that it is a sensible thing to do. If she insists you resolve the matter with a decent talk rather than flexing your muscles. Still the ideal thing would be if your girl conveys firmly to the flirtatious character that she does not entertain such talk would resolve the matter easily. If the guy continues his flirting ways then you take a stern action- give him your peace of mind that will send across a loud and clear message to the pest.

Trust your girl
Trouble erupts if you don’t trust your girl enough; for every guy she speaks will ruin your peace of mind, and you may sulk in with the feeling of insecurity.

The guy who talks to your girl might be having just a casual talk, which triggers you to think that he is flirting with her, and that might not be true at all in the first place. It is better you confirm with your girl if the guy is actually flirting or not that can solve half the problems. And if at all your girlfriend is troubled she will obviously bring it to your notice about the creep.

It is also better to ignore if a guy who could be an acquaintance doing it intentionally to irritate you or for fun. Or if you are not feeling comfortable with this guy around you and your girlfriend show displeasure that should keep him away.