What do You do When You and Your Partner Want Different Futures?

There are times when everything is going superbly smooth between you and your partner; you have found your soul mate, like-minded individuals, having a lot of fun together and amidst all the good things in your relationship you would have forgotten to discuss the future of the relationship or might have simply ignored it thinking to enjoy the present moment.

But the problems arise when your future clashes with the present rather when you realise that you need to take a crucial decision about the future be it you career, education or financial status that will put brakes on you personal relationship.

Generally, men are scared of the letter ‘c’ (commitment), and they simply are not ready for taking the responsibility of marriage or starting a family. So to avoid that, they keep postponing the issue for god knows how far. Career issues nowadays are the deciding factors for both men and women, so both need to have an open discussion about each others goal and aims in life before proceeding further in a relationship. And sadly most of the relationships have a bitter ending due to the differences in their future plans.

Some solutions if the two of you have different future plans
In a general scenario couples, who have different plans for their future have a tendency to break up, and naturally it’s not the ideal end result of a dating, because it is such an emotional trauma if the two of you are deeply attached. But then if you both decide that you will be ready to wait until you meet those career or education goals, then nothing like it. And if you cannot afford to wait do not feel cheated, just like two matured individuals talk it out and move on without hurting each other too much rather than getting into nasty arguments.

And, if you guys love each other truly, time will bring you together for sure. If not choose your priority and that will make it easier for both of you, but see to it that either of you should not have differences regarding the future, come to an understanding and behave like matured people, which will avoid ugly scars on the beautiful relationship you have had so far.

Make your future plans clear in early phase of the relationship

It is always to better to be practical and realistic when you get serious in a relationship, as that will save you from a lot of emotional damage. So make your future plans very clear to your partner in the beginning itself and vice-versa, which will not cause any misunderstanding nor either of you will be taken by surprise.

Make your expectations from the relationship very clear and also see if the two of you can realistically meet the aims you have set or if you intend the relationship to culminate into marriage.