You’ve probably heard about by now – it has been featured on several television programs including Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil, Dancing with the Stars, and even in the major motion picture release “Must Love Dogs”.

The site has been around for years, and it uses psychological science to match people up with partners who fit their requirements, lifestyle, and beliefs. Perfectmatch does seem to understand that a perfect mate doesn’t just mean someone who’s profile is a carbon copy of your profile – in fact, sometimes opposites attract; but only the right opposites. They use a scientific formula to match people up who will “click” well together, not people who have so much in common they could be brother and sister.

The typical PerfectMatch member is between the ages of twenty and forty, is located in the USA, and is looking for a serious relationship or one that will lead to marriage. It’s clear here that on this online dating site there are not a lot of people just fooling around – most people are committed, serious individuals who want to be in a responsible, rewarding relationship with someone who truly cares about them.

Because of this commitment, their prices tend to fall on the steeper side of most sites, at $59 per month when you sign up for a single month at a time. An annual rate brings you cost average down to $20 per month. The question is, is it worth the price premium? Well, if you compare their rates to the cost of dating around in person, it’s really quite affordable. Remember with online dating, there’s no dinners to buy, no alcohol to purchase, no gifts and no gas money needed!

You don’t need an expensive subscription to get started, either. With a free trial membership, you can create your own complete profile, post a picture, do not only basic searches, but advanced searches, for other members, and even send basic messages to other members! To do anything more than that (such as strike up an actual conversation), you’ll have to sign up for a paid subscription. But that’s much more than most sites offer under a free plan so you have a great chance to get the feel for how the site works before committing any cash.

Overall, this is a great site for someone looking to enter a serious relationship. They have a huge database of singles, and their matchmaking system really works well to set people up.