Men’s Attitudes to Dating

Men are pretty different when it came to attitudes to dating. They are regarded as indifferent species from the women group. Sadly, they aren’t compliant in multitude of ways. A young man dating, would mainly for the beauty quotient and looks forward for a partner who could gratify him on the sexual front; but this changes with his age, when he will look forward to having one serious relationship and so will look for a partner who could satisfy his emotional needs.

Now there is a big difference in attitudes to dating between men and women; how men perceive the idea of dating a woman would be opposite to how women do.

To guess what a man thinks when he is dating; is a big task and women have been trying to decode and unlock the male mind and sadly failed every time; maybe they lacked in the inputs for decoding. And there is a good side to it; men did not change with time though.

Most men appreciate successful and strongly opinionated (get that difference of always-I’m-right kind) women. Whatever be her chosen path if it were accomplished, he would tune in to that woman. If he finds a woman closely matching his intellect, then he wouldn’t ask for more. He’s already having that crush on her.

In general, most men look for a woman who would carry herself with self confidence; it’s like hell attractive and as sexy element in the female species. Most men consider it draining to live in a relationship with women who are mean achievers and/or have lower earning potential. Achiever women with high earning potential can inflate a man financially and emotionally.

Men will give preference to hotness element in a women, if he feels she can turn him on, he will give her a thought. Furthermore, men might just tune off a chatter box kind of a woman whose chatter isn’t listening worthy and has any content. A woman who talks for talking sake is what a man can’t stand.

Nonetheless, strike a balance by being a little sexy, a little funny, serious, intelligent, playful, and affectionate. A man will vote for a woman who is all of it. So don’t be too sexy and give him an impression that you are an easy one or show off by being exceedingly intelligent. So try and blend all of these into you when you are looking to find a man, keep a man guessing about you and that arouses his interest for you.