How do you Know if Your Ex-Boyfriend is Over You?

Yes, for better you have had that break up and you never would have given it a thought that you wanted to have it ironed with your ex-boyfriend again. Good! You are trying to move on with life leaving the past behind. But is your ex also thinking along same lines?

There are a few telltale signs that helps you know if your ex-boyfriend is feeling devastated of breaking up with you yet over you again.

Stays in touch with you
Not to ask for his stuff but say asking how you were feeling or doing otherwise. In that case you can measure his longing to that reconnection with you. Tell him you got to go out and ask him to call back at a specific date. Repeat this for a couple of times. In case he is a serious broken heart he will never miss on those times.

Drinks and Dials You
He calls you late in the night or rambles on your voice mail. Slur and sick speech are pretty clear signs of revealing his broken heart. Take him to a registered nurse and if he will start all over again the next day.

Shows Off
He tries doing this and that including silly to get a hold of your attention. To have just that physical thingy from you he wouldn’t have to resort to such monkeying or silly dramatics. Call him and ask if he is ready to start all over again and bury those issues of the past. He is already waiting for you to ask and obliges almost instantaneously.

Spends with your buddies and/or your family
He never cared for your friends before, but he comes to that get together the other day, he’s walked your dog and never said an F word to him. He helped your wheelchair-bound grandmother feel comfortable at the cathedral other day. All these subtly carry that message he is longing to reconnect with you again. He kind tries to impress you those meetings are coincidence, but they are his created. Your ex is kind of willing to put up again with you.

Becomes creative all of a sudden
Newfound creativity in him is a telltale sign of broken heart. There are ample evidences in history where men created masterarts when they harbored broken heart. While you encourage your ex-boyfriend’s newfound artistry, you can give it a thought if you can reunite with him.

Truth is told, if not explicitly. So it’s up to you to give another last chance and patch up with him.