Five More Inexpensive Dates

Dating during the recession period could pile a huge burden on your pockets. But that’s no reason to stop dating. Of course you might not be in the same position to have an extravagant date.

You would rather prefer to have low profile date and there is nothing to be embarrassed about to go an inexpensive date. Just be happy that you are being economical and smart in these tough economic times.

Don’t think of Limos
Why don’t you pick up the gal yourself in a cab or your own vehicle is a better option and if your girlfriend is understanding, she will certainly not mind this and will certainly appreciate your sensible gesture.

Strike out posh restaurants
You might be toying with the idea of going for an expensive dinner but wait, why do that when there are inexpensive option you can go on a picnic with some home packed food that will save you many dollars and you can be more close to nature and find some privacy with the gal, which will be a perfect date.

Look for special offers
Many outdoor activities such as concerts, plays or movie tickets can come for discounted price that will just fit the bill or if you are lucky you might also get free tickets that could serve your purpose.

How about amusement park?
An amusement park, zoo, museum, painting exhibition or planetarium can be alternatives for discos, pub or a classy restaurant. It is a different and novel way of spending some quality time with your date. They work as a non-costly affair and you can spend more time than you could probably spend over the dinner.

Cut down on the drinks
Avoid places that serve expensive drinks instead carry your own wine bottle to the picnic spot that will make your dating experience more special and memorable.

Avoid showy and classy get-aways for your date and try to look out for really more meaningful places to go. Get creative and make your dating outlets more interesting rather than sticking to the usual boring stuff. Be different, it is cool to go economical, especially during times like these.