Can a One Night Stand Turn into More?

You might have been experiencing strange feelings post that night stand; it was just for once with a man you have met very recently. In a pathetic situation when got drunk excessively, he was the one to carry you and drive you back to your home. Once you were out of the drunkenness you both indulged in casual sex never really giving it a serious heck.

Experiences post that night
A couple of days later you were having these strange feelings. What started out as just-for-once sex with whatsoever no intentions of taking that to something else. But, you really not know; because more often than not, one night stand can turn into something more- even a permanent and meaningful relationship too.

You started reliving all those small little experiences you have had with him; how his fingers caressed your hair, how gentle he was in kissing, and how much he kissed you (no other man you have made before had kissed you as much as he did). Even post sex, his caressing and cuddling seem to be unforgettable. Although he said we were going to meet again, you didn’t think it will happen as you basically didn’t wish to. You gave and left all kinds of clues of hints that you aren’t interested beyond the night’s stand, still the wonderful experience with you in bed prompted him to say that you both will be meeting again.

What now?
Couple of days passed, your concentration at office diminishing, most of the time you have been reminiscing of his gentleness in sex while at the same time respecting your body. The more troubling part, he hasn’t called yet. Come on, so what if he didn’t take charge? He has taken charge of you in bed and isn’t that enough for you to take initiative to call him and ask him to come down for a chat so you will have opportunity to know more about each other. Gentle boys will love when girls put their heart out. You in the first place didn’t even thank or express for the wonderful sex he gave. Still, he wished to meet you. You should read tons of his interest in you.

There is no wrong in you taking that initiative and just remedy whatever bad impression you’d left on that night (in fact he didn’t take it as bad if not he wouldn’t have said that) You truly miss him now and do let him know about that, the magic of the romance is inexplicable as a small word can intensely touch the cord when spoken on time.

So go on, what you have enjoyed for one night could well turn to a more meaningful relationship; its in your hands.