What If His Parents Hate You?

Finding the right guy and bonding a strong long-lasting relationship with him is in itself a blissful experience. Someone special might be the top priority in your life at present and you must have reached a stage when the time has come for you to meet his folks. Nervous?

You don’t have to harbor prejudices or apprehensions about his parents not liking you or whatsoever. Come on your man likes you for what you are, which the most important fact and the rest is secondary. It is very natural for you to have those unreasonable fears. Probably your fears might be a result of what you have heard about them from your boyfriend, which has developed certain doubts in your mind or you might be scared if they would hate you or his parents were rude when you called up his home.

Whatever be the reason, do not jump into conclusions as yet, but remember a few things to make your meeting pleasant one and see the difference for yourself.

•If you are from a different religious or social background, his parents might find it difficult in accepting you or the fact that you are a new entrant in the family might make them feel apprehensive about you. Be patient, first try and understand that they are worried that you might influence their son or his mother might feel insecure that her importance in the house will come down with your entry. Assure her that you are no intruder but will be entering their family to share all the happiness and sorrows of their lives. To make it easier ask his mother what are his favourite dishes or his habits that you do not know, which will make her feel better.

Do not be too friendly in the first meeting: Being yourself will pay off rather than putting up a show and parents generally do not prefer artificial people they will immediately sense that you are trying to impress them. So be polite in your manners, speak softly but confidently and do not do anything out of the way just stay cool and normal, which is like half-job done. Breathe easy, there is nothing to be scared of after all they will be very much like your parents who are protective about their son.

Do not get too mushy with your boyfriend: It is always better for the two of you to stay in your limits in front of his parents and avoid that public display of affection, which could put all of you in an awkward situation or his parents might simply dislike it. But at the same time, show them that you care a lot about him and how much he means to you by narrating a few nice moments that happened between the two of you, or say serve him that food that he likes very much which will assure them that you will not hurt him in any way.

Mention this: “I have heard wonderful things about you” can be those magical words, make them speak. Ask them about your boyfriend’s childhood and thank them for inviting you home and express that it was a pleasure meeting them before saying a bye.

If you feel that in spite of all this their attitude towards you has not changed, make it clear, speak up and say that you do not deserve to be treated in an uncivilized manner and you do not expect them to love you, which will send across the message loud and clear.

After all, it is the question of your entire life and to be putting up with people who not respect you is a nightmare. So take a stand and make it clear to your boyfriend as well. But let us hope for the best and it is impossible for someone not to like a person as special as you.