Dating Turnoffs for Men

Most women think that it’s impossible for a man not to fall for them, but there are some things that can truly make a man walk away. When you are in a relationship or just starting out seeing someone there is always going to be those little things that can really make a man not want to be with you. If you know what they are you can see yourself getting into a nice long lasting relationship.

Most men are really turned off by females that don’t take the time to take care of themselves physically and mentally. Women who are less likely to do their makeup and feel sexy are less likely to get a man in their lives. When you are already involved with someone you may think that you could slack in the whole appearance department, but this is not true. It’s okay to be comfortable, but do it so you still look great or your man might run for the hills.

Another huge turn off that can make any man run is a female that is really needy and high maintenance. When you can’t give your man his space and always on top of him about what he is doing you are doing nothing but driving him away. Don’t focus all your time on your relationship with him, have your own life as well and he may stick around for awhile and become more interested in the things you do while you are not with him.

Now we’ve all heard it and it’s never really pointed towards women, but players. You’d be amazed how many females are true “players” and lead men on. Men don’t like it just as much as you so don’t be a player or you could find yourself striking out very soon. You want to build trust within your relationship, but if you are playing mind games the entire way he’s going to get fed up and move on to a female that’s not wanting to play games but get right into the field of the relationship.

For all those females that think having a sense of humor isn’t sexy, well you are wrong. A male is going to be more likely attracted to you if you can joke around and not always be so prim and proper. Lighten up and stop being so serious, they’ll love it.