Should You Spend Your Holidays Apart or Together?

The economic slowdown has put brakes on your happiness. You are constantly on a look out to save that extra money. You would have taken measures to keep a check on your expenditure and taken cost cutting steps too.

One of such budgetary measure would be lesser holidaying. There were times when you would spend weekends with your partner and now the time and the situation might just not permit you to do so and as a desperate effort you might prefer to go alone on a holiday.

Holidays could be expensive
Based on your financial situation plan your holidays. And sometimes you would prefer to go alone as a solitary creeper and explore, because you believe it kind of gives you the much needed break and also gives the space in your relationship.

Holidaying is rejuvenating and recreating, you might get back feeling recharged and your partner will see this whole new person that has evolved in you. The fact that you spent the holiday alone could have saved you a lot on money and that makes the holiday more relaxing and enjoyable.

Your partner could be busy with work
Even if you want your partner to accompany on the holiday he/she might be stuck with their jobs and might not get leave to go on a holiday. And you may also be in similar situation when your partner wants to go on a holiday. Your respective jobs can be a spoilsport. If you are really keen to spend the holiday with your partner plan it well in advance or when it is feasible for both of you to spend time together.

Your partner might not be very adventurous
The two of you might have different interests; you would love to go trekking, skiing, mountaineering, bungee jumping etc, whereas your partner prefers a holiday to be just relaxing; reading a book, lying in the pool for hours or going for massages and beauty therapies would be ideal.

In such a case, plan a holiday that suits both your interests or make individual plans to avoid differences. But remember to stay in constant touch with your partner that will keep both of you at peace.

Use the opportunity of buying tickets with a discounted price and plan your holidays during off-seasons, which will work out cheaper and make your holiday more enjoyable at a lesser price.