She Won’t Wear Her Engagement Ring!

Engagement rings are so special and expensive that you want your fiancé to sport the ring daily. You might have spent days looking out for the perfect ring to match her finger size and probably got her the most expensive ring to make an impression.

On a special day you would have gone down on your kneels and would have proposed to her with the engagement ring. So it might hurt you to see if she is not wearing the ring and especially if she has accepted your proposal. But do not lose your sleep over it instead think logically because you know her better than anyone right?

Do not jump into conclusions
The minute you see her not wearing the ring do not think she gives a damn to your relationship or has found someone else or does not intend to show the world that she is engaged and so on. These feelings of insecurity are baseless and it might hurt her if your assumptions are wrong and it would be rude if you confront her with such questions.

Ask her if it is troubling you too much
Just observe for how long she has not been wearing the engagement ring. May be the size you got her is not fitting her and she doesn’t want to tell you that or she might simply want to preserve the ring. The reasons could be many; you need to be tactful and polite if you have decided to ask her the reason behind not wearing the engagement ring. Women sometimes guard their special gifts with much care and sentiments, most of the times they are afraid of damaging or losing your gift and that could be one of the main reasons she is not wearing the ring. She would have estimated the price of the ring and could be skeptical about using it as  a daily wear.

Don not take matter too far
Her reasons for not adorning the ring might not be convincing to you and in the meantime if you get know she is behaving indifferent then you need to have an open talk with her to clear all the misunderstandings. Do not keep asking her the same question repeatedly that could irritate her or she might think you do not trust her. There is nothing wrong if she is not wearing the ring for whatever reason as far as she is showing the same love and affection towards you, is all that matters the most.