Questions for That First Date

Okay, so you’ve actually contacted a potential partner and you set up a meeting for that first date. Great.

Now comes the fun part: Learning about the other person. If you’re a guy and you’re taking out a girl on her first date it’s important to pay attention to her and vice versa if you’re the girl.

That means asking the right questions and keeping the conversation flowing. But what kind of questions are suitable on a first date? Well, there are many, and then there are some you probably want to avoid.

First off, remember, this is a learning process however you don’t want to learn everything about the other person on the first date, because that will take some of the mystery out of your potential mate. And mystery is a very important in the dating process, but I’ll talk about that in a later post. For now, let’s just stick with the questions.

A few obvious ones to get the ball rolling are questions about interests, work, growing up, education, and in general you just want to find out their likes and dislikes. That way if something comes up early that you don’t jive with you got a pretty good idea that things will not work out. Of course there’s no way that you two will be on the same level on every detail but for the most part if you can find harmony on general ideas and themes that that’s a good start.

So stick to general questions and avoid going into too great of detail, and that includes when you’re talking about yourself. Again, you want to save something for later.

If you find that the two are you are really hitting it off it may be worthwhile to venture into the realm of sexuality. But be careful. If the sparks are there go for it and bring it up, but if the other person in any way seems an easy or disinterested then slow it down. It goes without saying that on a first date it’s important to try to avoid any confrontation.

Remember, on the first date the idea is really to find out if there is any potential for attraction and compatibility, and by asking the right questions in the right manner you can scout out if there’s any future and this relationship. And that’s all you really trying to do on the first date.