If you watch any television at all, you will have heard of In the quest for love, you’ve probably thought of trying one of the many online dating sites in the past. Considering that very few of the major ones are free, it’s important to know if the site you are looking at is worth your hard-earned money.

Speaking of having some security when spending money,’s six month membership is backed by a guarantee. That mean, that if for some reason you are unable to successfully find a match during the first six months while using their service, they give you another six months for free. So if you think about it, the six month membership is really a twelve month membership if you are unsuccessful. The guarantee only applies to the six month package, but you can also purchase shorter durations of one or three months at a time – at an increased price per month, of course. members are also able to attempt to find love for their friends, using a separate system. If you think you’ve found a possible match, you can then send it on to your friends for their perusal – though they will have to have an account of their own to fully take advantage of this system.

Pricing ranges from $35 for a single month subscription, to $20 a month for three months, and $17 a month if you purchase six months (which includes the additional six month guarantee). Obviously it is significantly more affordable to purchase time in blocks, but since nobody knows for sure how long it will take you to find a match, it can be difficult to know exactly how much time you will need. If you are serious about finding love, though, you will want to strongly consider the six month subscription. The double-time guarantee is something most of their competitors do not offer.

Unlike most dating websites, somewhat bombards their users with advertisements. Due to complaints, their most recent site makeover has removed many of these ads, but several still remain. The new ads are mostly unobtrusive, but some members are still put off to see ads after paying for a subscription.

Though subscriptions do cost money, it is totally free to sign up and simply browse. Before committing money to a full account, it is wise to do some browsing first and use their free trial offer to make sure is exactly what you are looking for. That way, if you decide you don’t like the features, the layout or the people, you can simply walk away without spending any money. If you do decide to purchase a paid subscription, the first three days are part of a free trial, and if you cancel within those three days, you don’t have to spend any cash.

Overall, is a powerful dating website that has been proven effective by millions of users. It is one of the largest matchmaking tools on the internet, and there is a reason it’s still there. If you’re looking for love, give a try – just be sure to use their free trial, in case it’s not exactly what you are looking for.