Married and Unavailable Men Love Me!

Married men or men with steady girlfriends will most of the times get a lot of attention from single women. Most single women always aim to possess what the other women has be it jewelery, clothes and any material thing and they even get drawn to married men.

It is strange but this fact has been proven at many instances that women are just not happy with what they have, they prefer another woman’s possession. There is a fatal attraction that some single women develop and it could be connected to a lot of factors such as emotional insecurity, jealousy or simply for the desire of having the best for themselves.

Unavailable men can be risky
Married men or men who are already in a relationship can prove to be risky because they have nothing to lose. You will serve as their temporary fancy and they can just leave you in a lurch at any point of time. The fact that you are single and are eager to have relationship in spite of being aware that he is married will give him a signal that you are a soft target and might simply use you.

Marriage at stake
All you single women also remember that by getting attracted to unavailable men will put many lives at a stake. You will be creating a rift in the marriage and if the man already has children it will affect them equally. So make sure if you are ready to face such an emotional turmoil. It is definitely not an easy task and you will probably have to live with guilt of breaking somebody’s marriage for the rest of your life.

Try to why a married man is showing interest in you
In most cases married men look for love and affection outside wedlock if they are not receiving the same from their respective wives. They may reach out to you for that emotional support, which might compel you to give in. If the unavailable men are already having severed relationships then you stand a better chance of extending your feelings towards such a man.

But if it is otherwise, the married man can simply get carried away with momentary feelings for you, which certainly cannot be relied upon and you will be simply taken for a ride. So watch out before thinking to proceed in such a tie.