How to Turn Someone Down Politely

It can be difficult turning a person down if you don’t want to hurt their feelings, but in many cases if they are interested in you a lot they are going to get hurt no matter how polite you are with ending things.

There are many ways to turn someone down, and many places where you could encounter having to turn a person down. If you are a regular bar attendee you’ve probably experienced your many chances to turn someone down and feel a little bad every time you do. If you are not interested in someone though is there a point in leading them on for an entire night and then stating at the end of the night that you are not interested, but thanks for spending all your money on my night of fun.

When you are not interested in adding a new addition to your relationship life the only thing you can and should do is make it known. It could turn bad if you lead people on to thinking that you are interested in them, but overall you are not. Turning someone down politely can be very complicated to do as not everyone deals with being turned down easily. Some people get turned down on a regular basis which causes them to feel very low about themselves and have a bad handle on being turned down, whether it’s done politely or not.

Turning someone down can be done in many different ways, and it always seems to work out nicely if you do it nicely and be polite. If you are courteous and explain yourself to the other person they will be less likely to be offended by you. There is nothing worse then you turning someone down and then they make a huge scene about it. If you avoid giving off the persona that you are looking to find someone, then you are more likely to have a better night out without having to do repetitive turn downs.

It seems that turning people down on a regular basis can be frustrating, but at least you know people are interested in you. Don’t let turning people down be a bad thing, it should make you feel good about yourself, even though you have to be a little cruel and say no but thanks for asking. Just be nice and polite and you’ll see that turning someone down isn’t so bad.