How to Stay Friends After Dating

There is no hard and fast rule that your date will last for a lifetime or the person whom you date will be your partner forever, at least this is a rule in great majority of people who have had dating experience.

There could well be so many differences that might spring up with the person whom you date; after all, you are two independent individuals with a set of personal, views, opinions and mindsets. The reasons for non-compatibility with your dating partner can be umpteen but both need to be matured enough not to bid an adieu on a sour note rather try and stay friends despite the brief meetings not culminating into a romantic liaison. It is far too hard than said but give this a thought, the two of you are wonderful human beings and obviously that triggered you to date for sometime if not for long, right?

You don’t need reasons to be friends…
Relationships are not meant to break but sometimes they tend to, which could be beyond anyone’s control. But giving a meaningful ending to a severed relation is a superior behavior that not many of us are capable of doing. You might break-up with your date but that is end of one relation and you should make attempts to begin a new one from where you ended. If not for a dream life partner you might find a long-lasting friend that you seldom had. Making friendship does not demand anything from either of you, it is more of acceptance of what you are, no expectations whatsoever, it could be that simple.

Remaining friends is the best choice to keep both of you at peace
The tension between you and you dating partner might prevail for a long time but offering friendship will be like breaking the ice that could ease up the existing tension to a great extent. Neither of you would want to end this on a bitter note or be in a situation in future where you exchange cold glances or behave with hostility. To end up as friends will leave both of you peaceful and proceed further in life.