How to Escape the Friend Zone

You’re probably one of the many people that have found yourself stuck in the “friend zone”, but you want to escape this zone and can’t figure out how you are going to do it. The “friend zone” is when you become friends with someone of the opposite sex that you are interested in more then a friend and want to pursue a relationship.

When you find yourself stuck within this friend zone it can be really complicated to get out of without offending the other person involved, but it can be more straining holding back your feelings. People are always worried that when you’ve entered the friend zone you are never going to get out of it, but there is always going to be the slight chance that the other person may have these feelings as well.

There are some steps that you could take to help you get out of the friend zone, but when you take these steps do it with caution just in case the other party is truly not interested in you anymore then just a friend.

Step 1: Don’t admit your true feelings. If you do this first it could actually make this awkward between the two of you and completely destroy all chances of escaping the friend zone.

Step 2: Take control of your life. Usually when you are in the friend zone you are doing all the things they ask, and you become the one person that always helps them through emotional problems giving you that non-sexual appeal, which you’ll want if you want to become out of the annoying friend zone.

Step 3: Acknowledge other people (opposite sex). You want to make your friend jealous and feel like they are not number one in your life. This will make them look at you differently and get them to see you in a whole new perspective.

Step 4: Use physical contact. By initiating physical contact by touching her when you are around her she will begin to become more comfortable with the idea of you touching her on occasions.

Step 5: Qualify them. By this we mean make them feel like they are right for you unlike previous people you’ve been with. Everyone has standards and they need to know that your standards are similar to them.

Step 6: Be a sexual friend. This doesn’t mean actually having sex with them, it means bringing sexual playfulness into your friend. This will get them to think of you in a brand new perspective and consider you more and more.

Step 7: Make them wonder about you. Once you’ve got them thinking of you sexually send them mixed signals of your feelings so then they begin to wonder what it would be like to actually date you.

Step 8: Finalize the deal. You’re now at the stage where you are actually hugging or touching them with a flirtatious manner so it’s time to seal the deal and kiss them. If they stare into your eyes while you stare into theirs it’s time.

As you can see it’s not a truly complicated thing to get out of the “friend zone”, it just takes time and if you truly care about them it will be worth your while. Follow these steps and you’ll soon be out of the friend zone.

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