How To Date A Younger Man

Dating younger men is no sin after all everyone needs and deserves companionship. So age should not really matter nor it is ‘the’ factor for dating, haven’t you heard/seen of older men dating/marrying women who are half their age or much lesser? Keep all those doubts and unwanted questions at bay; you have all the right to date a younger man.

Initially, you might feel a little awkward, embarrassed or whatever to go on a date with a younger guy but if you think that it will be fun and recall the olden days when you had men drooling over you, which will give you a lot of confidence and few years later should not stop you from rejoicing and reliving those lovely moments. Just a few suggestions will help you have a fantastic date.

Do not feel embarrassed: For god’s sake you are not committing a crime by dating a younger man. Feel proud that you have taken in your stride to move on in life with the same zest and fervour. There is nothing to feel ashamed of; it is your life and you choose how to live it right?

Do not baby him: Treat your date as an equal rather than trying to be his mother or chiding him as if he is a kid. Remember, he is your date and treat him like an individual who has his own mind and that is why he has chosen to go on a date with you isn’t it?

Do not bother about the ‘hurdles’: It is the law of the world to interfere in somebody else’s business and you will not be spared, friends and family will advice you to drop the idea of dating a young guy but when you and the guy are comfortable in each other’s company why should others raise any objections or dictate terms as to how you should live your life. Go ahead with your date and give a damn to rest of the world.

Give a thought to the future: Deal your relationship with some maturity; it is not going to be dating all through your life and having fun. Have an open talk about the future of your relation in case you guys are serious about settling down; his education, job and other goals need to be discussed if you intend to spend rest of your lives together.