How Not to Flirt at a Bar or Club

It is almost a ritual to visit a nightclub or a bar on weekends. Most times you visit these places in search of the flirting opportunities ample here. This could seem to be adventurous and fun but the underlying fact is you are confronting a stranger! Although flirting itself may not be that harmful; but at a bar or a club it could turn out to be terrible experience because the person sitting across the table is not even an acquaintance. The chances of getting into trouble are indeed quite high, this is not to scare you but there are few logical reasons behind it.

The first thing is, you cannot avoid drinking if you are in a bar or a nightclub, after which it depends on your potential to take extra drinks and still remain sober; the chances are minimal and you may drift into a haze where every woman/man will look charming. This may not be true when the alcohol effect subsides. The catch line here is; drink, but not more than your capacity.

There is a great chance of you finding someone very attractive and you almost feel it is love at first sight, but then how sure you are of this person who is no one but a stranger! Hold your thoughts there, you can go ahead and strike a conversation with this new found person but are you confident that he/she is telling the truth? Do not make long conversations and if you feel uncomfortable at any point of time, cut the crap and move on. And it is also necessary to give a clear picture of your intentions in the beginning itself so that you will not be taken for a jolly ride.

The last not but not the least thing to remember is, ask a friend or colleague to accompany you. It is better if you are in a group: saves you from many unexpected horrific experiences. And also do not spend your entire night with the stranger, plan to get back home safe preferably with people whom you know.

All of this does not mean you must not flirt; these are just a few cautions you need to take before getting acquainted with the stranger.