How Important are Friends’ Opinions of Your Partner?

Whether or not your friends’ suggestions/advice matters with regard to your date is quite an arguable discussion. There could be a good number of people who opine that friends’ interference in their private life is not required, there is a section of people who feel that they are a good judge of people and trust their own sense rather than take a friend’s opinion and the other lot may actually take a friend/friends advice blindly before dating their respective partners.

It would not make sense to completely friends’ views…
In a general scenario it is not a great idea to get completely influenced with what you friends say about your date. Personal judgement and decision plays a vital role; in the sense if you really like the guy/gal there is absolutely nothing wrong in just going out on a date irrespective of what your friends have to say.

And once you go out for lunch/dinner, obviously, there will be enough time at your end to discover some bit about your partner if not everything. As to what kind of a person you are dating depending on your own analysis rather than going by your friends’ words. After all, all that your friend’s say may not always be true, your own instincts and feelings matter the most.

Don’t be completely blind or deaf too….
There could be instances that you might simply get carried away with the looks of your date and the sheer excitement of dating a stud/hot babe is a good reason to go out. But there is nothing wrong in being a little cautious, because you never know what the other person is actually up to. Just because you are bored and desperate to go on a date should not be the reason, here your best buddies will give you the right suggestions most of times, as they know you better than anyone and they see the situation practically and also think about your welfare greatly than your newly found partner.

So listen to what your best friends have to say when you are in confusion or in some kind of doubt. Your true friends views about your partner might actually be very important. Of course, personal interests/views are of top priority but keeping in mind what your friends have suggested isn’t bad either, it might help you take the right decision finally.