How Do You tell Your parents You Have a Boyfriend?

Congratulations! On having your first boyfriend and most definitely it must be a feeling of elation and the smell of love in the air must have driven you into a sweet intoxication. Amidst this beautiful tale of first love the seemingly difficult hitch could be disclosing it to your parents, which might not actually be that difficult unless your parents are way too conventional or if they are prejudiced about your boyfriend.

It is definitely a nervous moment to tell your parents but consider this- they are no strangers and by all means they deservedly are the first persons to be informed about your boyfriend rather than they seeing/hearing about your guy from the third person, isn’t it?

Do not spend sleepless nights by simply assuming…
The most probable apprehension from your end is how they would react after listening to the news? When you are confident about the guy then trust your own judgement regarding this involvement and be bold enough to disclose your decision, as that will win half the war. And parents will be parents, remember this- they will think about your safety and will be protective about their daughter’s future in this new liaison, this is the most natural feeling of almost all parents in the world. So you need to understand their fears and apprehensions as well. It is but natural that the guy is a stranger to them and obviously they do not know him as much as you do. The responsibility of making them to understand, and giving them a clear picture about the guy totally is yours of course.

The actual part of disclosing to your parents about your first boyfriend
Do not over think about your parent’s reaction even before telling them and do not assume. Your only aim should be to tell them first, just decide when and where. Getting the guy without prior information to your parents might be upsetting for them and awkward to you and your boyfriend as well. So it is better you inform them that you would like them to meet someone special well in advance to avoid any embarrassing situations. By now presumably they will get the message that you have found a boyfriend.

Telling them over phone could be a bad idea; it might just work against you. And if you have plans of telling them face to face then do not praise your boyfriend way too much. Just keep it simple and let them decide or judge him after a formal meeting, common you need to give that much space and trust their judgement too. After all they will know what is good for their daughter better than anybody else. One thing is for sure, you need not have to worry too much, as every parent will give priority to their children’s happiness and may be there will be difference of opinions initially in this regard but it is up to you how to convince them, which will require patience and tact that might well work in your favor eventually. So go ahead and tell them do not waste anymore time thinking.