How do I Become More Charming?

Accept it or not but most women get attracted to charming men and the reason for this could be as simple as; anything that glitters catches everyone’s eyes.

Having said that you need not feel let down or disappointed if you are not the charming kind, you can certainly be the best charmer in town and also have any woman cling to your arm just like that.

There is a catch here, being charming does not imply that you need to put up a show or pretend to be one because women are too smart to pick out the black sheep out of the flock too quickly- they will simply ignore you or drop you like a hot potato.

Attitude and confidence are the important factors
You need to like yourself first before trying to impress upon someone and a have the belief that you are someone very special and also the best among the lot, this attitude will do a whole lot good to your confidence level but remember do not get arrogant with over-confidence because that will put you flat on the ground.

Once you get confident then your body language automatically gets altered; you will walk straight and look into people’s eyes when you talk. And people will naturally give a second look at confident men and all those beautiful lasses will line up to get introduced the new man!

Good manners and grooming
Be a thorough gentleman and that includes your manners, habits, dress sense and your overall personality contributes to your charming ways. A well-dressed man is always looked upon with awe and appreciation because your dress sense and style create the first impression, which can be long lasting.

Then comes your body language; the way you shake hands or greet people in general will all be noticed so you need to polish those etiquettes. Always be soft-spoken and yet be clear in your conversation; loud-mouthed guys get big thumbs down from the girl’s camp. Your conversations should be a laced of intellect, humour, wit, tact and you need to be sensitive too- all at the same time and soon you will see girls dying to have a piece of you!