How do I be More Romantic With a girl?

What will be a date without any romance in it? Boring, for sure! And you can get straight into a woman’s heart if you are a die-heard romantic. After all a relationship is a dead-end without romance; there is absolutely no future to such a relation.

It is always a great idea to do romantic things spontaneously rather than following a rule book of romantic ideas; follow your heart and get romantic on the spur of the moment that will surprise your lady. Do not stick to clichéd ideas of romance- candle night dinners, sending her flowers or mushy cards of course they are all tried and tested ways that will impress your lady and probably most men would have used every trick in the book to woo their lady-love. But when it comes to women you always seem to fall short of ideas, as it is the toughest task to keep women happy.

Be natural
Most women will yawn at flattery, so please to stick to nice and genuine compliments. You can show appreciation by pecking on her cheek, which will set the mood for romance. If you are meeting the girl in her place brew some nice coffee she will love it and if you are waiting for your wife surprise her by vacuum cleaning the house, cooking dinner, setting the dinner table and do all the normal chores that she takes care of usually.

She will definitely come straight in to your arms. Give her a nice foot massage that will take away all her pains and stress, watch you favorite movie lying on the couch, do not wake her up on a Sunday morning just lie by her side or make her favourite breakfast. Laze around in each others arms for long hours and enjoy the togetherness. And if your girl is the adventurous kind take her to the amusement park or plan for some adventure activity over the weekend with out her knowledge. Get creative and be original with romantic ideas; they are more effective.

The magic of physical touch
The physical expression of romance is ideal to say the least; it works well with shy types too. The best way to win a woman’s heart is surprise her when she is least expecting it. The sweet little nothings you whisper to her might make her go weak in the knees. Kiss her for rhyme and reason, make her feel that she is the central point of you life and you revolving round her; give all the attention she secretly yearns for.

And always remember to look good, smell good and feel good, which can turn on your woman instantaneously. If you harbor honest feelings for your girl, the romance will automatically show; you will not have to try hard to be romantic it will come naturally.