How Can I Not Lose My Partner as a Friend After Breaking Up?

Breaking up or walking out of a relationship can be an extremely painful affair. It makes you grow listless and you feel lonesome too. It can be extremely disappointing, frustrating and emotionally challenging. There are innumerable ways to win your ex back but the effective ones vary amongst individuals.

There might be an inherent wish to be in touch with your ex but a word of caution is not to force yourself into it; if you wish to push yourself towards someone, you might end up losing the person forever.

Second, if you are the first mover to patch up the relation and continue as friends, you will be in a disadvantage position and you should be accepting that reality. You can begin by a simple phone call on occasions such as birthdays that are difficult to forget, but at the same time you should be ready to accept that the other person understands your weakness. So be cautious as not to allow anyone to take advantage of your emotional dip.

Third, try to come to agreement with your ex in most occasions. This is because by accepting his/her views you stand a better chance to influence the person. Accepting the ways of other person always might be painful and bitter in short term, but you stand to win in the long run by pampering their ego and accepting the other way of life.

Try not to chase your ex, but create a style statement about yourself in such a way that the person gets genuinely attracted and interested to know more about you.

Try controlling your emotions and do not make any sudden outbursts in front of your ex. Stay calm, composed and reticent. Be attentive, listen carefully and be compassionate to the ex’s needs without harboring too much of an expectation.

Finally, you can try winning your ex by simply beginning the dating once again. Begin to make the person feel extra special and be honest with your feelings and convince the person with the thought that anyone deserves a second chance. Just make the person feel the fact that you understood the priority of the relationship once the absence grew longer and now that you realize this you wish to hang on as friends, to share some moments of joy and happiness together.