Hitting on Girls While They Work

There could be many instances when you get attracted to a girl who is working in your office or the girl at food joint might look stunning or you might fall for the girl who makes you a drink at the bar.

These gals are complete strangers but something about them draws your attention and you will be dying to kick off a conversation or at least say a hello. Right approach is the key to your success because girls at work might just treat like you a customer and her hospitable behaviour should not be mistaken for any kind of inclinations towards you.

Start off with a charming smile
If you keep bumping into this girl often or visiting the restaurant or the bar she works in, give her a confident and familiar smile, which could be readily acknowledged by her. Just because she smiled does not mean you can rush to say a ‘hi’, there is still time for that. She might think you are like any one of those desperate guys and remember she is at her work and most likely will not be in a position to engage in friendly ties.

After saying hello…
Once you have reached the stage of exchanging greetings don’t waste any time, start a small conversation and don’t exhibit too much of your excitement. Sit back and listen to her, give her that chance to come to you, which will also give her the impression of a well-behaved person and you can gain some brownie points.

Show your best qualities
The fact that she does not have any idea of who you are should prepare you to have a meaningful conversation. Talk about your hobbies, interests and be witty and humorous that will lighten up your conversation and surely make an impression on her.

Avoid giving any personal details until you get to know her completely. Also, remember to smell good, as girls have great olfactory senses and if you are the sweaty kind, forget it because she will simply ignore you.

You conversation should be mutual and not one sided- you are not there for a quiz but to build a rapport so don’t blow your trumpet, be a good listener and polite, which will no doubt draw her to you.

There are chances that once you get to talk to this amazing girl something about her might let you down and in that case, move on you will find another girl very soon.