He Thinks I Don’t Love Him, How Do I Tell Him I Do?

Not being loved enough though in a relationship is quite a common issue but the proving it all the time to the guy that you love him so much can be a big challenge. You might be beautiful, hot lass that could cause severe insecurity problems to your guy; he might be under a constant threat or fear that another stud would sway you.

In a general scenario it is girls who feel that their respective guys do not give them enough attention or do not love them as much but guys too can harbour such feelings for various reasons.

What could be the possible reasons that your guy feels you don’t really love him?

Guys behave like little boys sometimes and complain that you don’t really love them. But trying to pacify or convince him that he is of top priority and to tell him that he means the world to you could be quite a task. Love itself is such a feeling that it is difficult express and how much ever you give the person at the receiving end does not seem satiated. Many a times the guy would feel he is not being loved enough if you are still in the process of completely breaking up with your ex that could leave the present guy in an unsure state and insecurity. The other reason could be you have too many guys proposing to you or you might be a famous among the guys circle or your platonic relationship with a guy might be the cause of trouble. Continue to read and see how you can tell him how much you love him?

•Try to reach understand the root cause of why guy feel that you do not love him enough.

•Once you know the reason for his insecurity or not convinced about your love, you need to discuss the problem with him; an open talk would solve many misunderstandings.

•If it is a general feeling of not being loved enough, then start with sending love sms, send him flowers, mushy cards and usual ways of wooing might be of great help.

•Whisper the three magical words quite frequently when he least expects, and most of the times the magic works – it could be the most simple and uncomplicated way of professing your love.

•And if your guy feels jealous of your old flame or a friend that makes him think that you really don’t love him then as an immediate step you need to distance yourself from the ‘other guys’ and take your guy into confidence.