Dating Turnoffs for Women

Every man always seems confused as to why their dates never end up sticking around for a second date. They feel the first date went great, things were clicking, and then you never hear from her again. Well let’s just face it, not every date can be perfect, but you could at least improve it to get a second shot at another date.

There are many things that can truly make a female just want to run away, but out of courteous she sticks it out till the end of the date. Men don’t usually realize what went wrong until they are telling one of their friends about the date and then they see that things weren’t as great as they thought.

On a first date men usually can come across as your usual stereotypes and a female will pick these up quite quickly. There are several difference versions of a male on a date which includes:

The show off
The slob
The disrespectful
The cheap skate
The recently divorced/separated
The touchy-feely
The distracted/unfocused
The too involved in business
The nervous

You are bound to run into one of these kinds of men at least once in your date life and it can be quite frustrating as the female. Men don’t usually seem to notice how they are acting and soon wonder why their date was completely uninterested. If men would be themselves on a date it could actually go further, now this is if that female is interested in you as yourself.

There is zero point in putting on a fake attitude or acting differently in hopes to catch a female because in the end she’s going to see the real you soon enough and it will either all end or she’ll like you more.

When a female goes on a date they are mainly focused on getting to know you, not who you are trying to be. Yes, there are some females that really pull towards the guys with nice cars and big pay checks, but seriously where is that going to go? Absolutely no where. It’s recommended to avoid talking about the pocket book and all your fancy things or she’ll never care about who you are and care more about what you own. Just be yourself and you could find yourself catching all the ladies!