Dating an Ex’s Friend

You broke up with your partner and have since developed interest towards his/her friend, which has simply put you in a fix. First of all you are wondering if it would be a good idea to date your ex’s friend. Yes, this situation is rather dicey and more than thinking about your new date prospect you will be surrounded by apprehensions.

Of course, it is totally understandable but what is wrong in giving it a shot? You have nothing to lose, put all the erratic thoughts to rest for all you know the date might well turn out to be the best one. Though the idea of dating an ex’s friend should be strictly limited to honest feelings and not a trick to teach your ex any lesson or make him/her jealous because it simply won’t work that way. Probably, it will backfire or you might be embarrassed. But let us hope it is otherwise.

Be prepared for negative reply
There are chances that your ex’s friend might turn you down, may be he/she feel they would be cheating their friend or simply uncomfortable with the idea. And if the person you want to date is your ex’s best friend then the possibility of getting a negative reply is higher. But it is all up to you; the impression you make and the information he/she already has about you. Do not feel dejected as yet because true feelings will find their way in the worst situations too.

Go Slow
Let us assume your ex’s friend has ample knowledge about you and he/she might just have superficial idea about you, the real you might still be stranger for this new person. The information received might be good or bad you never know so it is important for you to create the right impression. It is better to make friends, let him/her meet this new person who is different from all they had heard and this development takes time though.

What if she/he says a yes?
Well, you will be lucky if your ex’s friend agrees to go on a date with you, at least the first hurdle is crossed but this could be a golden opportunity. So make sure you have a well planned date ahead and show him/her the real you and who knows you might hit it off with your ex’s friend quite remarkably.