Dating a Shy Girl

The girl who was whispering in the party crowd must have caught your attention, she might not be socializing too much yet something about her must have struck you. Finally after a lot of trapeze you might have asked to go out on a date and with great difficulty she must have accepted your invitation, which is a good sign, as you were successful in crossing the first hurdle. By now you know she is a shy girl and does not open up quickly and you might wonder how your date with her would be.

The first thing you need to know is not all girls are the same. Second, she might not be all that shy after all; just a matter of time that requires patience from your end and lastly every individual is different and so is she-respect and accept this quality that will make things easier. And give a thought to this: you will slowly discover or unravel the beautiful side of her rather than putting up with chatter box or the bolder types who might fizz out in no time and you may lose interest in them very quickly.

Find out the reason behind her coy nature
There could be many reasons behind the girl’s shy behaviour; being shy might be her personality trait or she is simply that way. Some girls could be shy out of fear from past experiences or apprehensions or due to insecurity feeling.

There maybe girls who generally hide their actual self and may resort to talk less or they may be scared to reveal their complete self in the first meeting. Or there are a section of girls who cannot express their feelings either in conversation or they feel very coy with physical proximity. Whatever kind of shyness the girl you date may be facing it is up to you how you handle her or get her out of the shell.

Here are few things to remember while you date a shy girl
Be patient if you are dating a shy girl and remember that you will have to take the initiative and be prepared with topics to talk to her. Also, be polite, well mannered and go slow; do not shock her with you bold speech or over-excitement.

Try to find out the reason of her shy nature during your conversation. The fact that she is a shy person is an indication that she is sensitive and emotional, so be cautious of what you are talking and also try to avoid asking her a direct question about her shy behaviour, as she might not like it or probably will feel very uncomfortable answering out righteous questions.

There might be long silences that could turn your date in to a boring experience but if you are a smart conversationalist this should not at all be the problem. Do not feel let down or disappointed if she does not mingle with you immediately, remember she will take time and you need to respect and involve in activities that both of you enjoy and who knows you might have struck on ‘that girl’ whom you were searching for a long time and seldom found.