Review may not be as well known as some of its larger brothers, but it has been around for more than 11 years, and has several million users signed up & actively seeking new relationships. On top of that, more than three million new members register every year. Though the site isn’t as heavily marketed and isn’t as high tech as some of the more “corporate” online dating sites, it offers effective matchmaking services at a price that’s much less than some of the competition.

Many dating websites charge as much as $60 per month just to search their database and communicate with members. But at, if you only sign up for one month, they charge around $30, and if you sign up for a 12 month subscription it works out to less than $10 for each month. Considering that more than 100 people were married last year thanks to, you don’t have a lot to lose, do you? Searching for other members and looking at profiles is free, you just need to pay once you want to contact a specific member that you’re interested in.

Once you’ve signed up in full, you can chat with members, send emails, IM, and even participate in voice and video chat. This way, you can get to know someone a bit better before putting yourself on the line by meeting them in person. caters to people not only looking for full on marriage, but people who just want a relationship, just want to date, or even people just looking for friends! Of course, you can narrow your search results to include people you’re not interested in, that way you’re not in a situation where one person is just looking for a good time, and the other is ready to walk down the wedding isle.

There is about a 10% spread between male and female members, meaning there are slightly more men signed up than there are women. Not to worry though, there are still tons of women for the men to choose from, and that’s just all the more attention and selection for the female members, who usually like to “window shop” more before “making a purchase” – so this spread works out for the best. has more than a hundred different selections to choose from when performing a search. You can enter basics, such as a preferred age range, geographical location, and gender. More advanced options include religious preferences, views on children, and interests. can match you up with other singles who have similar hobbies and passions in life that you do.

After your search has been carried out, you can view profile information, look at their photos, and then, if you’re interested, send your message. You will also receive messages from other people who found your profile and are interested in you. If you’re interested too, you can respond back to find out more information about them – if not, just delete or ignore the message.

Overall, is a great place to meet people, make new friends – and who knows, maybe you’ll even be walking down the wedding isle soon!